Hey!!! Check Out These 3 Amazing Robe Styling Hacks To Swoon The Crowd Up

Amazing Robe Styling Hacks

A satin or washable silk robe is a regular thing in many bedrooms, but did you notices ever that these multipurpose apparel could also be donned outdoors?

If yes, then do not hesitate to join our journey to discover styles out of robes. Let’s hop on that-

Worn out as a TOP wear

Another way to incorporate your satin or washable silk robe in your outfit to wear it as a top. There are numerous ways in which you can style your boring robe into an elegant topwear, how to check out the tips below:

  • Employ safety pins or a brooch to maintain the robe tightly tied while you go with your day.
  • Tuck the robe’s bottom portion into your slacks or skirts.

Wrap the washable silk robe surplus around your waistline and knot it in an attractive knot.

Donned out as a DRESS

Who really doesn’t enjoy the silky comfort of a satin washable silk robe? Wouldn’t that be fantastic if you can somehow carry that feeling with you all day?

You certainly can! 

A further convenient approach to dress up your robe is to wear it as a dress.

  • Especially shorter, knee-length robes could be turned into a stylish costume. Wear a thin slip gown beneath your washable silk robe if you’re concerned about being too revealing.
  • It’s critical to accessorize when donning a satin or silk robe dress! Alternatively, you can pretend to just have rolled out of bed.
  • Substitute the self-tie wrapping belt on your robe with a leatherette or studded belt. You’ll be amazed at how a modest accessory can dramatically enhance an outfit!
  • Do not even forget to bring your shoes! To go along with your robe dress, just choose lovely pair of heels or boots.

Transform as a BOHEMIAN attire

Who exactly is boho-chic? 

It’s a new fad that draws its cues from the hippie lifestyle. Blending, free-flowing fabric, and exotic accessories are common traits of boho-chic attire.

You might already have everything that you need in your wardrobe if you’re hoping for the ideal Boho-chic costume! Just to get the look, you’ll only really need-

  • Shorts
  • A simple tank top
  • Robes made of silk or satin
  • Heels

Short and a tank top are wardrobe staples, however, once you slip into the robe, you’ll feel an incredible change. To truly capture that bohemian vibe, consider wearing an earth-toned silk robe!

Really do not forget to accessorize your boho-chic attire! 

Add a crocheted or rattan handbag, bracelets, or a couple of different-length necklaces to your attire.

Don’t limit your use of a satin or washable silk robe to your bedroom now that you realize how versatile it is! There are numerous trendy ways to incorporate a satin robe into your daily attire.

Enjoy experimenting with your outfits every day!!!

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Have you ever worn your washable silk robe somewhere other than your home? How did you work it into your ensemble? Do detail in the comments.

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