Wearing Luxury Loungewear Outside Your Home

Are you tired of wearing the same jeans, skirts, and tops day after day? Are you ready to mix up your style? Do you want to look good and feel comfortable? It’s time to wear your sleep and loungewear out!

Here at Hazel Moon we want to give you permission to wear your luxury loungewear women’s & sleepwear out in public. And we’re not the only ones who are getting behind this trend. Athleisure has become increasingly popular in the past decade, and now sleepwear is having a major moment. Wearing sleep and loungewear allows you to experiment with fabrics, prints, and colors you won’t normally find elsewhere. It makes a statement and gives you a comfortable, yet elegant vibe.

Leaving the house in something you may have woken up in is socially acceptable — but that doesn’t mean wearing that oversized T-shirt you’ve had since high school. Not all sleepwear can be worn out. Pulling off chic sleep and loungewear is all about buying high-quality products and pairing them with the right accessories.

Here at Hazel Moon, we specialize in high-quality luxury loungewear made to boutique standards, so when you order from us you can trust that you’re getting some of the best sleepwear you’ve ever tried. When you choose to buy higher quality sleepwear, you not only get the most comfortable, cool, and buttery soft pajamas, you also add more options to your day-to-day looks.

Learn more about our tips and tricks for taking women’s luxury loungewear from the sheets to the streets, and BROWSE OUR COLLECTIONS. We’re confident that you’ll find something you love!

Wear a Robe As a Coat

There are tons of ways to turn sleepwear into a coat, but the easiest is to style a robe-like you would a cardigan. Or if you have a longer, more dramatic robe, tie the waist and wear it like a buttery soft trench coat. We bet you won’t be able to find a coat with the meticulous details like ruffling and unique prints that our KATE ROBE has. Test the waters with this look, we bet you’ll get tons of compliments.

Pair With Jeans

One of the keys to pulling off athleisure is to mix and match casual items with more formal items. Pajama tops make for a beautiful, cozy layer under a jean jacket. Or if it’s warm out, TRY A TANK tucked into high waisted jean shorts. You’ll love the way it looks — and feels.

Wear To The Beach

Our Washable-Silk Robes make for unique, chic cover ups when you’re lounging oceanside or pool side. They’re well made and durable enough to be worn everywhere, and our boutique prints make a playful summer statement. Plus, when you come home after you can take a nap on the sun porch without even changing your clothes.

Our sleep and luxury loungewear womens was born out of a love for everything good, kind, and peaceful in the world. We value and promote friendship, coziness, lounging, and love.

When you choose to shop Hazel Moon, you’re supporting environmentally responsible manufacturing and fairly traded clothing. We make our women’s clothing to the highest boutique standards, and we pride ourselves on using natural fibers, like our beechwood and organic muslin fabrics. PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW and if you have any questions, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH.