My name is
- Sherrie Olson

Hi, I’m Sherrie Olson and I’m the founder of Hazel Moon, an amazing clothing brand. In March 2016, Hazel Moon was launched with the intention of designing stylish and comfortable loungewear that can be worn in and out of bed.

Fashion was my greatest passion as a young teenage woman. My grandmother, Irene, was a talented seamstress, and as a child, I adored her and loved spending as much time with her as I possibly could.

I come from a family of five and only one working parent, often out of my excitement for fashion, I would ask for a dress or outfit that we simply could not afford to buy. So, my grandmother and I would go to the city’s latest fashion boutique and I would show her the clothes that I’d love to wear if we were able to afford them.

We’d pick the fabric, almost to the tee, and would develop a pattern based on the style I showed her. I’ve always loved designs, fabric, color, and fit. We usually made some minor changes, so it was a truly unique look. My clothes turned out beautifully with my grandmother’s expertise and her professional sewing machine. Her only request was for me to pin, cut, and do some basic sewing by her side. I learned so much from her, particularly how to drape and fit. It was the best experience and a wonderful memory.

Soooooo….. I launched Hazel Moon. I really wanted a product that when received proved to be the best quality for a price that can be had out in the marketplace. As we continue to grow and perfect our pieces, we hope you will become a brand fan. Our entire line of Hazel Moon clothing is custom fashioned and made in boutique-style quantities. We start with a template design, choose only high-quality fabrics, add the color pallet, dye the fabric, and then cut and sew it specifically for the Hazel Moon line.

“As our brand expands, we promote practices that are environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced in an ethical working atmosphere. We have priced our beautiful and exclusive clothing pieces affordably so that every woman can enjoy shopping with Hazel Moon and live her life in the ultimate comfort and style!”

With love,